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Customized technical webinar

Safety in data transmission
with HighSpeed and EMC connectors

Safety in data transmission with HighSpeed and EMC connectors

Personal and individual: Imparting technical know-how and helpful insider knowledge

Duration: About 45 minutes
Applications such as high-resolution image and video data, the Internet of Things or autonomous driving are generating ever greater volumes of data that have to be transmitted via various interfaces.
The demands on data transmission rates and their performance on the installed connectors are increasing immeasurably.

Learn in your personal technical webinar from our leading connection experts how to realize the best high-speed connection with our connectors and avoid interference in the process.

But that's not all:
Learn how to safely protect your signals from unwanted interference and what to look for when choosing a connection source.

Webinar Content

Part 1: HighSpeed

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  • What does HighSpeed mean for connectors?
  • Basics of signal transmission of connectors
  • Influencing factors
  • HighSpeed criteria
  • S-parameters

Part 2: EMC for HighSpeed connectors

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  • Definition EMC
  • Basics of EMC
  • Sources of interference at high data transmission rates
  • EMC with connectors

You have change requests?

No problem!
The professional webinar will be conducted personally for you.
Discuss your content wishes with your ept contact person and we will adapt the webinar individually to your needs.

Who is the webinar for?

The webinar will give developers and technical buyers a comprehensive look at HighSpeed data transmissions and shows exactly what is involved in selecting the right connector.

Your speaker

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Wolfgang Schmid
Product Manager

The graduate engineer for precision engineering has been working for ept for more than 20 years and has accompanied almost all connector families at ept during his career. For many years, he has been presenting ept's products to the public, giving lectures and also imparting his extensive knowledge digitally, in various webinars. Together with his colleagues, he is constantly working on ever faster and more powerful connection technologies.

Wolfang loves to spend his leisure time in the mountains - whether it's hiking, climbing and mountain biking in the summer or a nice ski tour in the winter.


First, arrange an appointment for your customized webinar with your ept contact. If you do not yet have a contact person or cannot reach them, then simply write us a message at sales@ept.de or call us at (+49 8861 2501 0).

After we have scheduled your personal appointment, you will receive a registration link from us with which you can register for the webinar. After successful registration you will receive an invitation for the MS-Teams event by e-mail.

Following the webinar, you will of course receive all documentation as well as any appropriate free whitepapers and brochures.

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